To make FormBase as user friendly as
possible we have chosen the

platform to secure the
system to scale and to be serviced over the
Internet with a minimal cost of ownership.
The back-end database is Microsoft SQL
Server shared with Impact CAD.

FormBase is a Role based Real-Time solution,
where activities can be monitored and
controlled by all involved parties during
preparation as well as production. The
build-in "Next Step" guide always tells
operators what to do next. Even a paperless
environment can be achieved by following
the top/down production priority philosophy.
A complete suite of Applications for Die Makers using Impact CAD

FormBase offers features and automation for Administration and Production teams to perform much better in less time.
FormBase shares the same database as
Impact CAD and together the systems form one integrated solution. All
Impact drawing layers are created automatically by FormBase meaning that CAD operators no longer have to think
about which layers to create, as it is done for them. An Impact module returns a complete Bill of Materials for each
layer. Quotation and Production Workflow is hereafter an easy task. The key to this integration is Impact’s ability to
FormBase Stock Items by linking these to the Impact Pallet System. FormBase is the only commercial system
able to offer this solution, automating the entire workflow from design to production.
Automation has been a goal from start of
this development. It is therefore possible to
create an order in just seconds no matter
the complexity of an order. One of the most
powerful features is "Price Catalog". Each
Catalog holds key information about the
customer, Customers Machine Park and
Customer Price Agreements. By linking Part
Workflows to Catalogs orders can be
created by just pressing a Row on a List.

As soon as a Workflow has been created
orders are visible in Impact including Layer

By closing an order from production will
force the system to generate a final
calculation including profit in figures and %.
This also per Rule Meter.
Resource Management - Order Management - Production Management - Web Access - Translate
Sarah Rönngard Ljungberg, Production Manager at Stållinjestans Laserform AB says:
FormBase, fully integrated with our Impact CAD, has secured our production workflow and on time delivery for our customers. FormBase is a very rich information source and reach all employees in
an effective way. FormBase is very easy to use and has a clear and understandable way to communicate in which way orders are to be produced and how to be delivered. Myself as responsible for our
production, find it very useful, to be able in real time, to follow any order being produced. FormBase is a truly helper to make our working days easier, and to remove stress and irritations. FormBase gives
all employees the total overview and has indid harmonised the way we now work together.

Stållinjestans Laserform AB is one of the largest Die Shops in Scandinavia fully equipped with modern machinery including 2 lasers. Flat and Rotary Dies.
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